Proprietary Resources
Proprietary Database
Corporate Futures Group maintains the most extensive and comprehensive database and
library in the global automotive/vehicle industries. Information in our proprietary
database includes:

  • Suppliers to the original equipment and replacement parts markets worldwide
    (Passenger Car, Light Truck, Truck, Bus, Off-Highway, etc.)
  • Advanced car/vehicle technologies
  • Acquisition/Strategic Alliance Candidates
  • Advanced materials/technologies
  • Emission Regulations/Advanced Engine Technologies
  • Major parts and components
  • Market information by segments and by countries including, for example, the
    Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket in Western Europe, the Middle East, Turkey
  • Distribution Companies and Retailers
  • Industry Executives by category
  • Information on market segments/aftermarket/specialty aftermarket

Marketing Experience
25 years of strategic experience in major global vehicle markets
  • Passenger car/light truck
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Repair aftermarket
  • Specialty vehicle aftermarket
  • Performance aftermarket
  • Vehicle distribution
Corporate Futures Group
Strategic Management Consultants