Company History & Profile

Corporate Futures Group was founded in 1980 by Fred Beegle and six other
consultants after A.T. Kerney Consulting Firm re-aligned their global vehicle industry
consulting team. Toyota was our first client.

Corporate Futures Group is a consulting firm specializing in the vehicle industries. We
believe that corporate direction must be developed in a futures context, with the
perspective of a changing industry. Through industry specialization, the firm remains
current on companies, countries, technologies, market trends and world events that
directly affect the industry.

What distinguishes us from other firms is the breadth and depth of our foresight about
the direction of key industries on an international scale, plus the ability to assist clients
in the development and implementation of their business plans.

Clients we have served are based in the U.S., Canada, the Pacific Rim and Europe.  
We have been engaged by both original equipment and aftermarket parts and specialty
product manufacturers and distributors. Our clients have also included manufacturers
of cars, trucks, buses, farm equipment, construction equipment, recreation vehicles
and specialty vehicles.

Corporate Futures Group is a corporate resource that assists executives to meet the
challenges of today and tomorrow. The principal challenge for industry executives is
to make a profit when global competition is intensifying, customer expectations are
rising and technological change is accelerating. The Corporate Futures Group is
dedicated to helping companies meet that challenge.
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Corporate Futures Group